You know the basics of the insurance business… 

And you've taken test after test, listened to training after training, attended seminar after seminar, but...

It's NOT working the way you envisioned it!

You’re tired of the hamster wheel.

You’re sick of choosing between family time and freedom.

You’re overwhelmed by how much you’ve invested 

and haven't seen your ROI.

You’re STILL not completely clear on how the F*** you’re actually going to scale your business the way you want and need to this year.


You’ve followed the “leaders”.

You’ve joined the FB groups.

You’ve bought leads.

You’ve gone to every convention.

You’ve swapped between different IMOs & FMOs.

You’ve partnered with all of the right carriers.

You’re put your heart, soul, and credit cards all on the line.

And you've had ENOUGH of the guesswork!


All you really want is a business that creates consistent & sustainable profits, doing what you love

To take the trip without thinking twice about it & purchase first class flights...

Not having to look at price tags for your kids' school clothes...

Not missing an out of state training because you can't afford it...

You want to be EXCITED about showing up at your clients home and helping them out!

You want to be THRILLED to show up at team meet ups and show your team members why this business has changed your life.

To wake up every single morning feeling inspired by your life where you cant wait to share the experiences that this business has shown you, and how it has truly empowered you to be the person you are today in your life and your business.

You're craving certainty in EXACTLY what needs to happen to get the business where you want to be.


You CAN have it all.

You're missing structure, lead flow (clients to serve), weekly support, training, access to real money opportunities in different areas where they can utilize their license but aren't.

  • You think you need to hire and recruit to make money, but you don’t.
  • You think you don’t need to clock in and out everyday, but you do.
  • You think you need an appointment setter so you can have more time in the field, but you don’t.
  • You think working a 1099 is a tax problem, but it isn’t.
  • You don’t think about or know how to invest back into your business, but you need to.

We can streamline & simplify your entire business,

And focus on mastering your presentation and knowledge.



While I was running around the furniture store, or selling out rooms at the Hilton, that I'd be helping insurance agents like you tap into their internal power and show up fully in their business by mastering every aspect of what their license could do for them… 

I would have fallen onto the floor laughing.

Here’s what I’ve realized...

Everything it takes to be successful in the insurance business is within you! 

You need to dial into the structure and daily tasks of stepping out there as a master in your own brand. It’s time for you to reclaim your throne in your insurance business.


Inside this 12 week academy...

We get back to what it REALLY takes to structure and produce effective results in your business strategically.

No more busy work, random conventions, pointless strategies, cheesy workbooks and flip charts, no more word-for-word plans from 1985 to help you “sell”.

Everything is done intentionally do support you in created the income and freedom you know you have here to make - and do it in the most simple, effective & fun way!



We dissect your weekly routine and schedule and uncover how to scale in the most spacious way possible that's based on the profit and lifestyle goals you've set for yourself and your family.  No more hiccups and things throwing you off your game!


All of my content is duplicatable so that YOU can brand yourself and succeed while sitting in your own strength! You can enjoy the process of growing and know how to activate your inspiration and feel confident in your entrepreneurship. You will be consistent across your brand so you are positioned as more than just a pretty sales agent out here making a deal. People buy from people -- let's show up authentically for your ideal clients.


You'll learn and dig deeply into the different realms of life insurance in a way that your audience feels deeply connected to you and trusts you. 

You will create their WHY with them, and show them the gaps they have in their financial situations. You can calmly assure them that you will take care of their needs in every realm, and create a client for life. 

  • How to do webinars for clients you may have out of the area or in other states
  • Tax free retirement
  • Tax deferred retirement growth
  • Mortgage protection webinars
  • And more!


Tools to use for your business model, including:

  • When to open a business
  • When to hire
  • How to recruit
  • Eliminate debt
  • Building a tribe of agents that you can duplicate to




Inside the program you get to hop on two weekly LIVE mentorship calls (90 minutes) where you get 1:1 support on anything you have questions about related to that week’s action items or something that simply comes up that you need help on. 

We’ll dive deep on any blocks, resistance, or support you need on a deeper level. You’ll also have the opportunity to have live dial sessions with your mentor and squad to listen to dials, scripts, diff lead types, client calls. 

We will also have a Private GroupMe or Voxer with the Squad to ask questions and post numbers.



You’ll take the program with an intimate group of other high vibe entrepreneurs and have 24/7 access to our online portal (AKA Google Drive), be able to ask questions, connect, and celebrate wins. 

This is where you get to bond with others, receive support, and also build relationships with the other agents in the program.



This is an action oriented program--meaning we teach you exactly how to do something then you execute that week. This isn’t just a “course”, although you do get access to the 5 Quadrant Modules with videos and guides from Leslie, that she has acquired from multiple avenues of this industry. 

Some will be slightly familiar, some will be brand new, and some will blow you away! In this content you’ll dive deep into all the strategies, frameworks, and methodologies you need to know to be able to support you in accelerating your journey to multiple 6 figures.



Getting Started

Leads, Scripts, Schedule, Introducing The Quadrants: In order to be a successful 6-figure earner in this industry, you must have a game plan.  Here, we will discuss the importance of the 85/15/5 Rule, a consistent weekly schedule, and bulletproof scripts to help you avoid any push back you get when speaking to a potential client. It’s ALL life insurance, and how to navigate to use products to fit your client’s needs.

Quadrant 1: Final Expense

Here, we will go through a basic flip chart, an intake form, appointment setting scripts, different lead types, in home presentations and scenarios, lightly touch on product, TOOLS to help with Quoting & getting approvals.

Quadrant 2: Mortgage Protection

Here, we will go through a basic flip chart, an intake form, appointment setting scripts, rebuttals, lead types, in home presentations, uncovering money, using Return of Premium features to help pay off a house, equity protection techniques, payment protection techniques and much more!

Quadrant 3: Health Care

This quadrant is designed to go over the basics of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Hospital Indemnity, Cancer, LTC when to use them, how to uncover those opportunities, Under 65 healthcare options, Dental, Vision & Hearing options.  This is not an in depth module, but it is designed for general purposes. Advanced Market Training is available at a future date. COBRA & Affordable Care Act.

Quadrant 4: Index Universal Life & Asset Accumulation

In this quadrant, Leslie will show you how to find extra money and reallocate to an IUL to help your client grow a tax-free income benefit for retirement.  College Funding options, Home Pay-off Options, home buying, and business starting options are all part of this package. How cool would it be to be able to show a client how to give the gift of a down payment for a home, or perhaps a whole home, to their child?

Quadrant 5: Fixed Indexed Annuities, Asset Protection & Retirement

This quadrant is all about protection. In this module, you will learn how to uncover money and move it to a safe place where it can grow tax-deferred and without risking any loss from the stock market. Flip Chart provided.


  • Lead Types
  • Internet Marketing (Facebook Ads)
  • Phone Sales vs Field Sales
  • Hiring an admin
  • Hiring an appointment setter (Upwork Vs. Licensed)
  • Getting a business license
  • Tax write-offs
  • Referrals
  • The Importance of residual income & being active in all quadrants.


  • Best Plan Pro / CSG Quoting Tool
  • Duplicatable documents 
  • Flip chart presentations editable
  • Building a planner/ schedule


Rhonda Bell Stewart


"First I want to start by saying thank you Leslie! Thank you for sharing all of the expertise you possess to make my Insurance agency one of the best in Richmond, Virginia.  Meeting you and joining the academy has truly changed mine and my family’s lives. This has always been what I wanted, but never in a million years would I have dreamed it would happen so fast. You truly are a rare jewel. Thank you for your continuous support. And also showing me how to be all I can be while helping thousands of families protect their most precious assets."

Nate Norris


"Leslie is a great mentor and friend who knows every aspect of the insurance industry! Even with her level of success she always makes time to educate and train her team. I’m thankful to be in business with someone who is not only skilled in her craft, but someone who cares about the success of those around her. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow and learn from her."

Jessica Royse


“When I joined Leslie's team almost a year ago, I could tell that she was different. I could see right away she was someone who wants others to succeed. Someone who wanted to share all of her trials and things she's learned over the years with others to make it easier on them to succeed and grow in this industry. I have been blessed to have her in my life. I love that Leslie leads by example and learns all the facets of the industry so she can teach us and in turn not only do we learn how to succeed, but we learn how to serve our clients in the best way possible.”







How is this any different than my insurance license training?

 Licensing is laws and compliance. This is methodology and structure and support. 

Do I have time for this? I’m already busy af trying to keep my head above water.

Yes, you definitely have time! During group sessions, we will carve out your schedule to make it work around your lifestyle and commitments.

Do I need special equipment/software?

Nope, just a few apps on your phone :)

How do refunds work?

Due to the downloadable nature of the content, and how much time, energy, and love we put into each of our students from the get-go, there are no refunds.

If I’m going on vacation during the program will I fall behind?

Nope! The content is self-paced and pre-recorded, and all of the group sessions will be recorded so you can listen in if you aren't able to hop on Live!

Why do I need to offer more than just life insurance?

You don’t have to. But it’s to make more money and service all of your clients needs. If you’re with a client and they have other opportunities why would you not be their person? Why have them go somewhere else when they already trust you?


Hi, I'm Leslie :)

Your guide, training mentor, and your in-home presentation specialist!

Both a highly trained life insurance agent and results driven protection specialist for service based life insurance agents.

I started my insurance career in an organization that stuck me at a low comp, 70%, and they made me buy leads that were already sold!

I was forced to hire others, even though I was brand new and not trained. Shortly after I started my business in 2015, I issued $10,700 in annual premium my first month in the final expense industry. It landed me a trophy (which broke), and empty recognition. 

Then, in my second month, I issued $15,830 in annual premium. But I was working harder, not smarter. I couldn't get enough of the flexibility and cash flow, and I was serving in an isolated market.

I wrote my first annuity at the beginning of 2016, with zero training, and I was a little terrified. What if I had done something wrong?! Where can I find out if I was compliant?

But I also thought to myself, how can I find more opportunities like this? Why can’t I do these regularly? How can I help put my client in a position to win?

Fast forward to 2019, I now issue over $400,000 in annualized premium every year (not including annuity volume) and I hire if I want -- it isn’t forced or required. 

Some agencies require you to grow. What if you don’t want an agency? Isn’t it ok if we just want to sell and make money? If I do hire, I make sure my agents are a good fit for our organization.

And through my coaching and programs, I help others overcome their mindset challenges and shift their strategies while mastering their marketing and sales to create multiple 6 figure businesses.